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Why Florence Residents Love Total Care Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Total Care Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Mark Buckles

Neck and Low Back Pain Relief

“I have had lower back pain for years that was so severe that it was hindering my ability to do everyday tasks. I’ve also had issues with a pinched nerve in my neck that was debilitating and caused me to miss school and work. I saw my general doctor for the condition but he would just give me more medication. I began to think I would be stuck on medication forever. Just as I had lost hope, I found out about Total Care Chiropractic from a Groupon coupon and there was hope that I could fix the problem instead of masking it with pills.

Total Care turned my feeling of helplessness into renewed hope. They answered all my questions and were very patient and helpful. I feel like the staff genuinely cares about my well-being and I’ve already seen amazing results. My pain is getting better everyday and it improves with the great quality of treatment I receive. I also received medical massage that was both relaxing and beneficial to relieving my stress which contributed to my pain.

I would recommend Total Care to anyone with any pain issues or concerns. They will take great care of you!” - Amelia Leonard

Headaches and Neck Pain causing Sleepless Nights

My first visit to Total Care Chiropractic was in January of 2011. I had problems with my neck where I was in a car wreck that happened in 2009. The doctors I visited for my wreck said they would need to do surgery on my neck. When I came to Total Care Chiropractic, I had headaches and neck pain that was causing me to be very uncomfortable and I lost sleep at night.

They have helped me a lot with taking away the headaches and ways to make me more comfortable at home by the way I sleep and go about my day. Randy’s trigger point and adjustments from Dr. Buckles have helped me tremendously.

-Charity Widener

No More Neck, Upper Back and Shoulder Pain! Thanks to Total Care!

I began to see Dr. Buckles and Total Care Chiropractic in November 2012. I’ve had neck pain for almost two years now and slowly but surely I developed upper back pain and shoulder pain as well. It was getting to the point where I had to take something for the pain and headaches everyday and sometimes every night just to get some sleep. I decided to get an x-ray and found out several things that were wrong. Therefore, I began to visit Total Care Chiropractic on a regular basis and followed the care plan Dr. Buckles provided me. Soon after, I found out I was pregnant. Not only have they made my nights easier to sleep, but they have also made it possible for my hips to adjust to my new motherly figure. I don’t know what I would do without their services. No more headaches everyday and no more loss of sleep.

Previously before Total Care Chiropractic, I had seen a doctor that said it was just a crick in my neck and prescribed me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory, but they didn’t help like the services I received from Total Care.

-Skye Widener

My Neck and Shoulder Tightness Causes Headaches and Migraines

About six weeks ago I was having daily headaches and about 1-2 migraines per week. For the past year I have tried medication such as Maxzalt, Imitrex, fioricet, topamax, B2 and magnesium to alleviate the pain from headaches. The Triptans and Topamax helped for migraines, but nothing helped with the daily constant headaches. I also went to a chiropractor and massage therapist who also help with the neck pain and headaches. The problem is that my neck and shoulder muscles are so tight they cause my headaches and migraines.

I did not have a major breakthrough until I started seeing Randy Fuller from Total Care Chiropractic. He tried trigger point therapy and after a few sessions my muscles are becoming looser and my headaches are reducing in intensity and frequency. As of now I have not had a migraine for three weeks. I still have some headaches, but I no longer wake up with a headache. They start in the afternoon now. I am not fully recovered yet, but I am hopeful that soon I will not have chronic headaches or worry when I will have a migraine like I have for the past 13 months.

-Jennifer K.

HCG Program Weight Loss!

From June 19, 2012 through August 4, 2012 I was on the HCG Program:

  1. All skin blemishes cleared up
  2. Toe nails cleared up
  3. Ate 1/3 less of typical daily food intake and was not hungry
  4. Added a weight training program at the same time
  5. Followed diet program 85% of the time
  6. Lost 20 lbs
  7. Diabetes blood sugars went down 40 points
  8. Blood pressure down to normal levels

Thank you Randy, this was exciting and I want to do the program again in a few more months.

– Becky Roberts